How Long After Workouts Is Stretching Still Worthwhile?

Coach Kigar advises on the best time frame during which to stretch and foam roll post-workout.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training and recovery.

How much time after my workout do I have to do my recovery stretches and foam rolling?

We all have a million things to do—kids to take care of, places to be—so first, if you are able to make time for post-workout stretches, you are already winning! Ideally, after a workout you want to stretch and foam roll within the hour. While stretching shortly after you conclude your run is best, if you are going to immediately get in your car to drive back home, I recommend doing a few stretches before you drive, and then doing the bulk of your stretches after you get home. This will prevent stiffness that often occurs from sitting while your muscles are built up with lactic acid.

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