3 Reasons To Log Your Runs In A Training Journal

There are plenty of ways to track your runs, but one runner has found this to be the best way to stay accountable.

training journal

There are plenty of ways to track your runs, maybe you use a running app on your phone, an activity tracker or a GPS watch. But do you write it down? Even if you are new to running taking the time to log your runs in writing can help keep you accountable and give you valuable feedback.

If you don’t keep a training journal, here are a few reasons why you should.

  1. Writing it down makes a difference. Studies like this one, show that writing down your goals makes a difference when it comes to achieving them. Instead of simply having data from your runs, a training journal encourages you to explore your goals and map out the steps to achieve them.
  2. Learn from each run. Writing a brief description of your run, how it went and how you felt can provide valuable feedback during your training. It’s a chance to log breakthrough performances and the runs where we feel defeated, that way we can pick up on patterns and learn from each run.
  3. Look back. Before a big race take the time to look back over your training journal. Take a look at the difficult runs and the triumphant runs. Pick out a few performances where you overcame an obstacle or fought through difficulty, when the going gets tough during your run think back to those moments and you’ll find the strength you need to finish your race.

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