12 Reasons Summer Is A Runner’s Favorite Season

We haven't forgotten that summer running comes with those weird sweat marks and tan lines.


Hot and sunny is my favorite running weather, but I know that’s not the case for many runners. Here in New York City, it seems as though runners complain more about running in the heat in the summer than they do about running through the snow during the winter months. While I do love a good snow run from time to time, I can’t stop daydreaming about living in a place where it’s sunny and warm year-round.

Just in case you don’t love summer running like I do, here are 12 reasons summer really is the best season for running (despite the massive sweat and funny tan lines):

1. You can do a proper warm-up and cool-down outside without having to worry about getting frostbite.

2. Post or mid-run stops for slushies.

3. You only have to dress yourself in one layer. Winter running can require up to three layers of clothing!

4. You don’t have to check a bag at races because you don’t need extra clothes to keep warm before and after the race.

5. You can leave your handheld water bottle at home because the water fountains in the parks are turned on.

6. Jumping in a swimming pool after a long run to cool-down is much better than having to unthaw frozen eyelashes.

7. There are more daylight hours, so you don’t have to run in the dark before or after work.

8. Summer running clothes are less expensive than winter running clothes. All those winter layers are expensive!

9. Running in the heat and humidity will make running in your fall race feel easier when the temperatures drop.

10. It’s easier to recruit friends to run with you when it’s sunny and warm. They just think you’re crazy when you ask them to go run in sub-freezing temps.

11. Running in humidity can have some of the same physiological effects as running at altitude.

12. Running through sprinklers can make you feel like a kid again and make you realize why you enjoy running in the heat.