Race Tips For Run/Walking To Your First Finish Line

If you prefer the run/walk method, you can still race!


EXPERT: Beverly Hess
Six years ago this self-proclaimed “accidental athlete” never thought she would one day be the finisher of more than 110(!) races, ranging from 5Ks to marathons. Today, the 59-year-old doesn’t want to imagine life without those experiences. The senior IT director for Microsoft, who splits her time between Carlsbad, Calif., and Chesterfield, Mo., credits the run/walk method for her success. She says the combo approach allows her to do what she loves—participate in races! Check out some of her other favorites and her tips to run/walk your way to the finish.

Chafe-Free Zone

Avoid painful hot spots by swiping Body Glide over any area of your body that touches a seam of your clothing. The solid lubricant helps prevent chafing, keeping your skin happy. Check race expos for sample sizes—handy to put in your pocket for mid-race application.

Keep an Open Heart

“Always race with joy and gratitude,” says Hess. “Thank volunteers and listen to fellow racers’ stories while sharing your own.”

Find a Tribe

Join a group to run or walk with, and you’ll amplify your own commitment. Run dates help with accountability, while promoting new friendships.

Sparkle Bright

Made for women by women, Hess proclaims SparkleSkirts are the best running skirts around. With built-in compression shorts and three pockets, they come in sizes for every shape of woman. Hess says, “These skirts make you feel beautiful while running, and you don’t have to worry about what you look like from behind!”

Redefine Racing

Don’t impose limits on yourself by trying to fit into a mold. Eliminate any preconceived hierarchy of running (walk, jog, run) by realizing that a finish line is a finish line no matter how you arrive at it.

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