Kelly Roberts Shares Why You Just Need To Start—Running

From no miles to many miles, Kelly Roberts shares how she has embraced her body and discovered her own badassery through running.

This week’s featured Project Start ambassador and Women’s Running contributing blogger, Kelly Roberts (@kellykkroberts), tells us what inspired her to get started, and how running has changed her life for the better.

Her Message

“I’m able to actually run 5, or 10, or 6,  or 13 miles without stopping makes me feel so unstoppable and empowered. It’s just the best feeling in the world knowing that you’re able to do it, and that it’s just your choice, and that it can be so much fun,” says Kelly.

Join Us!

We love how running has given Kelly a new sense of empowerment! What has running done for you? Share your journey with the ladies of Project Start through using hashtag #psyougotthis and by tagging the @psyougotthis page!

We’ve got more stories of amazing women and their experiences with running coming up over the next month, so stay tuned! To learn more about Project Start and to see the line-up of the other amazing ambassadors, read more here.