The Positive Effect Social Media Can Have On Your Running

One runner shares the positivity she has found through connecting with others.

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As an introvert of the most introverted kind (with some practiced and necessary extrovert abilities), I have found that social media can be an amazing tool for staying connected with various communities of people. I can also close my phone or laptop and disconnect from the stress that comes from the constant stimulation from communicating with people. Social media has been for the most part, a force for good in my life.

I also believe that despite the pretty horrific, insensitive and thoughtless comments on any and all kinds of posts on anything from politics to puppies to proms, there is a light in the darkness of all of that useless, trolling negativity.

In fact, I have found that having a presence on and being engaged in social media can have a tremendously positive effect and I’m not talking exclusively about unicorn memes and emojis. At least it definitely has on my life, particularly in the area of self-love, body-positivity and all-around fitness.

On a daily basis, I encounter a whole slew of like- and different-minded souls to share my fitness and running journey with; I have discovered new forms of exercise, been able to read the latest research on fitness and health, been connected to thinkers and writers on those same subjects, and generally have found that there are many, many more wonderful and generous folks in the world than there are trolls (even though sometimes we do let them rattle us).

I love it when people share their thoughtful opinions or questions and I love engaging people in great conversations about fitness, both what they can do to improve theirs and what I can do to improve mine. I enjoy applauding people’s successes, lifting them up during challenge and difficulty, and being a virtual (or IRL) ear for them. I also love sharing pics of what I am doing. It keeps me accountable, it allows others to possibly see someone that does not necessarily “look” the part doing fitness and loving herself in the process. It also allows people to dream and think beyond their own self-imposed boxes.

Share your pics and stories. Be a positive force in the fitness world. There is enough for everyone.

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