Recently, my mother asked me for advice on where to carry essential
items while working out. She enjoys walking for exercise, and was curious how
runners carry their keys, cards, gels, cell phones and the like without being

Of course, running shorts usually have built-in pockets
perfectly sized for a credit card, a bit of cash or a single energy gel – one
of my favorite styles is the Tempo Track Short from Nike. As for running tops,
I often opt for triathlon-inspired singlets (such as the RSR Tank from Sugoi)
because of the convenient rear pockets – large enough to stash a few gels or
even a cell phone, but snug enough that the items inside won’t bounce out of
control while I run. For longer workouts, companies such as Fuel Belt and
Nathan offer a variety of running belts and hand-held carriers that fit sports
drinks, energy food and other critical items.

More recently, however, I’ve become a fan of simply stuffing
my jog bra with whatever I need. I wrap my cell phone in a snack-sized Ziploc
bag (to prevent moisture damage) and tuck it tightly to my chest. A few gels
fit just as easily – and are quickly accessible without fumbling for a pocket
zipper or flap. Running apparel manufacturer SkirtSports even builds a
“Cleavage Alley” pocket into many of their performance tops, which helps
prevent items from slipping down to the bottom edge of one’s bra.

I know athletes who routinely tuck gels underneath their
hats, who stash cash under shoe liners or who simply prefer to clutch whatever
they need in their hand. My advice is to try several methods and see what feels
best to you – as the more comfortable you are on your run, the more likely you
are to enjoy the experience!

– Holly Bennett