2014 Pepsico Transrockies Run

Stunning views and mountain climbs make this 6 day running event one of a kind.

Last week, many brave souls set out to complete the 2014 PepsiCo Transrockies Run. 300 participants, either solo runners or members of 2-person team, covered 120 miles and 20,000 feet of elevation gain in 6 days. There was also a 3 day solo event in which 100 runners took part. The race ran from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, CO, with a course made up of mostly singletrack trails and forest roads. Each runner or 2-person group is cared for by their Event Team, who help with food and accomodations.

Sound intense? It is! But the stunning views, amazing camaraderie, and one of a kind experience keep participants ready to run for all 6 days. Take a look through the photo gallery above to get a feel for this unique event.