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How To Find Your Perfect Training Strategy

Finding The Right Training Plan Of all the training plans out there (by Hal Higdon, Jack Daniels, etc.) what do you like for us mere mortals? When I was in high school, the cross country, indoor and outdoor track teams each had a different coach every season. I did well initially, grabbing a coveted state […]

The Case Of The Adult-Onset Runner

I recently wrote about my first run (ever as an adult). I wasn’t a runner until much later in life—to the point that I have dubbed it a condition: adult-onset running. Adult-onset running is fun and amazing for many reasons. For someone who has never felt that “runner’s high” until age 30? Whoa. It’s like […]

3 Factors To Consider Before Returning To The Start Line

In a grand start to 2019, Hoka-sponsored athlete Jim Walmsley silenced many of his critics by qualifying for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. What made his 1:04:00 Houston Half Marathon so incredible, however, is the fact that Walmsley is an ultrarunner. Among his accolades is a victory at the 2018 Western States 100, at […]

The Danger Of The “Haftoo” Mindset

As women, it’s easy to develop the terrible habit of haftoo: “I have to do this.” For example: “I have to go to work.” “I have to do XYZ and then pick up my kids.” We say it so much that it has actually morphed into a single word recognized by Urban Dictionary. In a […]

Photos: Racing To The Rose Bowl

Thousands of runners took to the streets in Pasadena, Calif., on January 20 to race the third annual Pasadena Half Marathon and 5K.