Training: Page 242

Chocolate-y goodness

Looking for a little post-race reward—without the guilt? You can feel good about indulging after your next run with these chocolates with benefits (not to mention the heart-helpful benefits of a little dark chocolate). The organic vegan fudge from Allison’s Gourmet uses only fair trade, shade-grown ingredients (shady environments protect wildlife inhabitants by reducing erosion). […]

Go for a Fun Run

Bored with your regular run around the same ol’ neighborhood loop? Me too. So recently a friend and I met up after work and went on a “fun run” through a local park, mixing a variety of exercises into the workout while making a game out of it. (It never hurts to act like a […]

Run Less, Run Better

Cut the mileage without sacrificing performance by adding cross-training to your routine. If you want to improve your running next summer, try cross-training this winter. With next season’s most important races still months away, it’s the perfect time to reduce your mileage and make room for other types of exercise that will give your running […]

Change in Season, Change in Clothing

We’re heading into fall (at least in most parts of the country), which is a great time to change up the old fitness routine. Here in Florida, that means I finally get to start running outside again. However, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, so I’ve rearranged my route for frequent restroom breaks and pit stops. And […]

BPA: Getting a bad rap?

Did you throw out all of your BPA-labeled bottles? The Food and Drug Administration is now saying “not so fast.” The FDA recently announced that bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in many plastic sports bottles, is safe for use despite warnings earlier this year that the chemical could contain toxins and be a carcinogen. […]

Treat Your Feet

An article in this week’s Play magazine, published by the New York Times, offers a close-up look at athletes’ much-abused feet. Turns out, most of us tolerate achy feet far longer than we should, which can cause long-term medical problems. Run on your toes? You might be setting yourself up for potential bone breaks. Wear […]

The Elusive Runner’s High

Running is my therapy. I run to de-stress after a hectic day, calm down after a difficult conversation or find a solution to a complex problem. Those closest to me know the best way to deal with me when I’m irritated, grumpy or upset is to suggest—nicely—that I go for a run. Often, I feel […]