Outdoor/Indoor Workout Swaps: Intervals to Form Drills

If intervals are impossible to run in winter weather, try these form drills.

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So your training plan says you have an interval workout today. But what if the local track is covered in snow or a trip to the gym to run on the treadmill is not an option? It’s time to swap your outdoor repeats for a heart pumping indoor session.

Try this form drill circuit to replicate the feeling of running intervals.
For other Indoor/Outdoor Workout Swaps, try these Plyometric moves that mimic hill repeats!

Outside: High-Intensity Intervals
Inside: Form Drills

Track work, or high-intensity intervals, includes short bursts of speed. This is a runner’s workout gem for getting more speedy.

It’s tough to replicate the aerobic intensity of a track workout indoors—but you can still focus on another way of lowering your race times with form drills!

You need…
Your runner self!


Do 5 minutes of slow jogging (in place or around the house) followed by 10 walking lunges per leg. Then move on to these drills, resting for 90 seconds after each.

Run in place, keeping your knees pointed toward the floor and lifting your heels behind you to kick your butt with each stride. Continue for 20 seconds.

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High Knees
Run in place, lifting your knee as high as you can with each step. Continue for 20 seconds.

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Stand on the ball of your left foot with your right thigh elevated to hip level in marching position. Lower your right foot the ground next to your left foot, but just before it touches, bend your left knee and lift your left thigh (i.e., execute a bit of a hop), landing on your right foot. Continue in this manner for 100 steps at a moderate tempo of roughly one step per second, moving your arms in opposition to your legs.

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Fast Feet
Run in place, moving your feet up and down as fast as you can for 20 seconds.

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Go through this entire circuit of form drills three to five times and then cool down with 5 minutes of slow jogging or jogging in place.