Editor’s Corner: NYC Cover Shoot

Ever wish you had a backstage pass to a magazine cover shoot?

This week, I headed to NYC for the Women’s Running Magazine September/October cover shoot. And I made sure to bring my camera along so I could share some  behind the scenes pics!  I can’t reveal our mystery cover model just yet—to find out this famous runner’s identity, you’ll have to wait for the new issue. 🙂

We don't really have these at our shoots...but it would be pretty sweet!

I know that some people say being a model is “hard work,” but to tell you the truth, I’ve never really bought it. Our half-day shoot was a blast!

The bright and beautiful studio we used. (

We started the day by arranging the wardrobe testing and the lighting while we waited for our lovely subject to arrive. After she and her crew arrived on set, we chatted as she got her hair and makeup done, and picked out a look from the rack. “Nothing too revealing!” her young and sweet agent warned. Our subject laughed and teased, “Okay, Grandma.”

I wish I had this set up to get ready for my runs!

A few dozen takes of running toward the camera, posing, pointing, dancing to the music—and it was a wrap!

Mid-run shots are tough, but our subject was a total pro.

We took a quick break for lunch, then sat down for the interview, where I got to learn all about her success as a marathon runner and a mom.

Which sandwich would you choose? I went for the Phelps. 🙂

I can’t wait to return to New York to shoot the winner of the SKECHERS Cover Model Contest in August. Want to help us decide who the lucky lady will be? Check on July 1st to vote!

I want to know, who would you want to see on our cover? Let me know here to follow me on Twitter @JessieSebor.

Congratulations to Karen Ward, the winner of a free Women’s Running subscription! Karen, please email to claim your prize.