Moji Knee

At some point or another, it’s bound to happen. The longer you’ve been a runner, the more likely you’ve experienced some type of injury. The knees are prime targets for running-related pain, given the amount of impact they take throughout a runner’s career.Knee-model-large

If you suffer from knee pain, you know it can be difficult to effectively ice this awkwardly shaped joint – and to sit still long enough to do so properly! The Moji Knee is designed specifically to address this issue with soothing cold therapy to optimize recovery and ease minor aches and pains. The two-piece design consists of a pliable Moji Cold Cell, chilled in the freezer, and a Moji Compression Wrap which articulates around the knee and holds the Cold Cell securely in place. The comfort and versatility of the Compression Wrap allows you the freedom to move about while actively icing your sore knee. While the Moji Knee is quite a bit pricier than a bag of ice or frozen peas (it retails at $119.95), it provides a highly effective and convenient icing solution which may well be worth the extra cost.

– Holly Bennett