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Keep Calm And Love A Monday

Mondays are a time of renewal—even if it feels tough.

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Mondays are my favorite! (Repeat three times in your best ELF voice)

If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. The first Monday in January usually signifies the end of vacation for many of us—the end of family time, good food and drink, extra shut-eye, and the time to read for pleasure. So we dread it, with a heaviness of heart and step. Mondays can be the suck.

Even though I adore my job as a teacher and coach at a boarding school, Mondays are HARD… H to the A to the R the D- kind of hard. As the weekend wanes, I usually have just started to recover from whatever race or long-run I have crushed or I discover that I didn’t grade the fifteen essays in Spanish that I promised I’d get back on Monday. Even sadder, it’s usually on a Sunday night (and before a hella long school week) that I discover that I have run out of wine and coffee. This does not bode well for the week ahead.

But I am an optimist, or at least I like to think that I am.

There’s always something good learned through hardship and Mondays are a hardship every single time. So let’s try something new. Let’s rethink our Mondays and allow them to be our reset button all year. You know like, when the dreaded spinning wheel of death appears on your desktop? You force quit or CTRL ALT DELETE. Then bam, if your computer’s not on its way out, you restart it and continue working…or tweeting.

Mondays are our chance to FORCE QUIT and RESTART.

I declare that this will be the year of rebooting. Every Monday will be an opportunity to do that. Had a not so great week? Next Monday is a new day. Did you falter on your marathon training plan this week? Finish out the week and start again on Monday. Maybe the first couple of days of your couch to 5K program didn’t feel so great. Why not try again on Monday?

Give yourself some credit and time to get it together to be great. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a little flexibility to reach our goals. Some of us are so wedded to our training plans that we freak out if we need to change the order of a workout, or even *GASP* we need to skip a workout.

Personally, I give myself unlimited opportunities to start again. And whaddya know? I find that I need to reset less and less frequently when I let go of rigidity. Instead I allow myself to progress the way my body and mind both want to and need to. This means Mondays, every single week.

So let every Monday be great. Let every Monday be a chance to renew, reinvigorate, and refresh. Let’s love us some Mondays and ultimately continue to love ourselves.

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