Is Your Dog Really A Good Training Partner?

Find out if your pooch should be hitting the road or trails with you.

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dog training

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!

Q: Is it better or worse for my training to bring my dog along?

Going for a run with your pup is often a win-win! You get your exercise and Buster gets some time outdoors too. But just like people, not all dogs love to run. Your pooch might be a natural, or he might pull you into the street at the sight of a squirrel—or only make it halfway down the block before he tires out.

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The ideal is to head to a trail that allows dogs to go off leash, so that you can run at your own pace and Buster can enjoy some exercise, as well as sniffing the bushes. And remember, running is something you do for you. If bringing your pet makes your overall experience better, do it! If it increases your stress level, then leave Buster at home with a bone and enjoy the run all to yourself.

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