3 Important People That Every Runner Cherishes In Their Life

Race Pace Jess shares three key people in her running success.

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When I look back at my training logs from past years, it’s clear I have the best training seasons when I’m not training completely solo. As much as I’d like to think I can do everything on my own and pride myself on my independence, the truth of the matter is I’m at my best when I surround myself with the right people.

Without these teammates, I wouldn’t have been able to meet my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon a few years ago, and this year I’m assembling a similar team of support as I go after another big goal.

Here are the people on my team who will help me get to where I want to go this year:

1. A great training partner. Inspired by watching Amy and Shalane at the Olympic Trials this past winter, I remembered that having a partner in crime helped me achieve my goals in the past and decided to find someone who would be by my side through the ups and downs of training and racing.

2. A supportive spouse. My husband never tells me I’m crazy and listens to me babble on about my hopes, dreams and fears. He supports my dreams and the amount of time I spend working on reaching them. He even acts as a stand-in training partner when needed.

3. A great physical therapist. I’ve been going to Finish Line Physical Therapy, a PT clinic that specializes in working with endurance athletes, on and off for the past five years. I basically have them on speed dial and contact them immediately when any ache or pain creeps in.

I know without a doubt that if I didn’t have these three people on my “team,” meeting my running goals wouldn’t seem so possible. Who is on your support team?

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