How To Fit In Workouts With Your Kids

Take the little ones along with you for a great family fitness day.


Vacationing with youngsters can make it challenging to squeeze in a workout. If you’re finding it tough to follow your 10K training plan while traveling, try these active substitutes instead.

See the sights on foot or bike.
Guided walking tours and bike rentals are springing up in many tourist hotspots, making it easy to skip the tour bus in favor of a fun day of fitness. Even the littlest ones can come along if you rent a carrier or trailer.

Make activities more active.
Challenge your family to try something novel at your destination, whether it’s stand-up paddle boarding or tango lessons.

Use a park as your gym.
Your kids can be your personal trainer. Follow them as they scramble over boulders and across the monkey bars. Play follow the leader, have a pullup contest or turn cartwheels in the grass.

Take a hike.
There are some great urban trekking options in cities all over the world, or you can seek out mountainous regions to increase the physical challenge. It’s important to take your time and make it fun: Dig in the dirt, hunt for pretty rocks, stop for photos and pack a picnic lunch.

Do yoga on the go.
Sitting in a car or on an airplane, train or bus can be constricting. Yoga stretches stiff muscles and makes everyone feel better after a long period of stillness. Get ideas online for kid-friendly poses to do during airport layovers or at rest stops.