How To Dress For Warm Weather Winters

Not all winters involve snow. How to dress if you live in a warmer climate.

Warm Weather

Run happily in any weather with this foolproof guide to winter layering. As the merchandising manager of apparel for Brooks Running, it’s Bennett Grimes’ job to obsess about runners’ comfort when it comes to clothes. Here he shares his insider tips on dressing properly when temperatures are 60 degrees—or above.

What You Need To Wear:
Tank Top

Just a wee bit nippy, Grimes says that 60 degrees is “one of the most versatile temperatures.” It’s hot enough that it only requires a single layer. He recommends a tank and capris—although shorts work well if you run a bit hotter, and a T-shirt is great if it’s more comfortable for you. “Every body is a little different,” he explains. The only must? Make sure that your top and bottom are wicking fabric like a polyester or a poly-wool blend.

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