How To Deal With A Motivational Slump

So you just don't want to run—we've all been there. Here's how you can break out of a funk.


Sometimes it comes out of nowhere: a sudden loss of motivation that leaves you feeling like you just don’t want to run. You want to sleep in. You want to go straight home to dinner instead of hitting the gym after work. So we skip one run and then another and another until we can’t seem to get ourselves back out there.

Dealing with a slump in motivation isn’t always easy. It can be hard to decipher exactly where the feelings of discouragement are coming from—whether they are just a mental battle or if your lack of motivation is actually a physical message from your body telling you to take a break. Whatever is keeping you down, here are a few tips to beat the slump and hit your stride:

Find your “Why”
Take a few minutes to reflect on why you run. Identifying and articulating why you run is a step in finding your lost motivation. Maybe you are training for a PR and a past disappointment has allowed doubt to creep in? Maybe you are running to lose weight and you just aren’t seeing the results you want to see. Or you love the outdoors but lately you’ve been forced onto the treadmill due to the weather. Whatever it is, reconnecting with your “why” can often bring back motivation that has been lost.

Find a Buddy
There’s nothing like a little accountability and a good long chat to help you get your running game back. Try meeting up with a friend for a run or tag along on a group run to meet new people. Surrounding yourself with fellow runners will help spark new motivation and hopefully rekindle your love of running.

Sometimes a motivational slump has less to do with your mental game and a lot more to do with how you are feeling physically. Often times when your body is craving rest, your desire to run will decrease. In this case it is best to listen to your body. Take several days off. Hit the reset button and you’ll return to running with a fresh perspective and a new desire to run.

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