Two CrossFit Workouts You Can Try At Home

Think you can't possibly do CrossFit? Think again!

Author Lisa Jhung doing box jumps.
Author Lisa Jhung doing box jumps.

Think you can’t possibly do CrossFit? Think again! Nicole Christensen, owner of Boulder, Colo.’s CrossFit Roots and Level 4 certified coach, says CrossFit’s workouts complement running.

“The idea is to mix strength elements (bodyweight or weighted) with a metabolic (cardio) response,” she says. “This carries over to strengthening your overall running capacity.”

Want to give it a try? Just pick one of these workouts! Christensen recommends doing one of these workouts twice a week, interspersed with your running.

CrossFit WORKOUT #1

50 Air Squats
50 Situps
50 Lunges
50 Burpees

WHY? Squats and lunges work your hip mobility and build posterior strength (aka hamstrings and glutes), which helps balance out your quad strength. Situps work your core, aiding in overall injury prevention. And burpees create a metabolic challenge at the end of a workout and add upper-body strength that helps with running posture.

CrossFit WORKOUT #2

400-meter run
15 weighted* overhead squats

*Scale the weight to something you can hold through 15 repetitions without stopping.

WHY? Combining overhead squats and sprinting challenges you to run with a fatigued midline, encouraging you to focus on e ciency.The overhead squat is a fantastic movement for runners in that it develops flexibility while increasing core strength.