Girl Talk: Running in the Rain!

Don't let a little rain stop you from running! Read our advice to safely navigating (and enjoying!) a wet run today!

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As if the crazy heat isn’t enough to remind me that summer is in full force – the (almost) daily afternoon rain has arrived to thwart my training. This past weekend, after staying inside for far too long, I spotted a break in the downpour and decided to lace up and head out. What I didn’t know was that I would return home soaking from top to bottom. . .

The run started out like many others as I traversed my well-known three-mile route. I arrived at the halfway point, rounded the corner and spotted dark clouds moving overhead. I thought they were far enough away to make it home before the rain started again. Boy was I wrong.

At mile two, a light mist fell from the sky and felt gently refreshing. The water washed away my sweat without making me feel like I was joining a wet t-shirt contest. That lasted all of 30 seconds before the skies opened up pouring rain, making me look like a wet dog.

Still a little less than a mile away from home, and now completely drenched, I continued running hoping none of my neighbors would drive by to see this sight. After coming to terms with the reality that I would be running in the rain for the remainder of the run, I decided to embrace the idea. Instead of being annoyed that it was pouring, I had fun. I even jumped in a few puddles at the end. And when I arrived home, I stripped out of my wet clothes with a smile on my face, feeling refreshed.

Are you toying with the idea of running in the rain? Here are my tips to get your run in, without feeling waterlogged:

-Be Smart. Running in the rain can be refreshing, but safety is first. Check they weather and make sure your heading out in rainstorms only. If there’s thunder and lightning, think about hitting the hamster wheel (AKA the treadmill). If thunder and lightining arrive mid-run, seek shelter and wait for it to pass before setting out again.

-Dress Smart. Wearing lightweight or water-repellant clothes will keep you feeling comfortable without weighing you down. Stay away from cotton fabrics as they tend to absorb liquid and feel heavy.

-Play Smart. Don’t be afraid to jump in a few puddles! You’re already wet, so why not have some fun? Just make sure you look before you leap. The goal is to channel your inner-child, not end up hurt!

Have you ever run in the rain? What tips do you have for navigating wet weather? Let me know here or tweet me @KaraDeschenes!