Whether you want to PR or just come back to running after a break, this 5K plan can work for you!

So you have a spring or summer 5K on the calendar, but you haven’t been able to run through the winter. Now what?

The good news for semi-retired runners: Even if you have taken a winter hiatus from running, your body has excellent recall. Getting back into a groove will happen more quickly for you than someone brand-new to the sport.

This plan will help you rebuild your endurance and recharge your fast-twitch muscles so you will have the stamina and speed needed to run a solid 5K. For the first two weeks, you will simply start increasing your mileage base. Once this base has been established, you’ll sprinkle in a bit of speed work, hills and fartlek sessions to kick your fitness into a higher gear. If the first week is a struggle, repeat the workouts for that week until they become manageable.

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Get Fit, Not Injured!

Stay off the sidelines by following these rules…

Take it easy.

When you’re starting a new running routine, less is more. If you feel tired or sore, don’t hesitate to take a day off (even if it’s not scheduled in your program) and pick up training the next day.

Eat your fruits and veggies.

Your body craves antioxidants to reduce the inflammation from running. Fill your plate with produce to keep muscles strong and happy.

Roll out!

A few times a week, use a self-massage tool—like a stick or foam roller—to ward off knots and imbalances.