Fun Things To Do After You Finish Your Goal Race

Feeling a little lost after your goal race? These pick-me-ups will help you rest and recover—happily.


We are in the middle of fall racing season and it seems that every weekend, someone I know is running a marathon (and for a couple of weekends this fall that someone has been me!). I love marathon season (and racing season in general), however, once the big goal race is done, it can leave us feeling lost.

I’ve rounded up a list of a few fun things to do when your goal race is over and you are in the recovery/ in-between races stage:

  • Get a massage! This is always high on my list.
  • Get a pedicure. Let’s be honest – your feet could use the attention.
  • Go out with your friends. This always falls to the backside for me when I’m training – I make it a priority after goal races.
  • See what your running friends look like in normal clothes. This is always fun. I’ve actually not recognized running buddies when I’ve seen them in street clothes. My training group is having a big party and I can’t wait.
  • Enjoy sleeping in on Saturday mornings. I almost don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not waking up at 5am on a Saturday morning to run.
  • Treat yourself to something fun. You’ve earned it!
  • Take your support crew (your family / friends / whoever had to put up with your early bedtimes, smelly clothes and taper crazies) out for dinner. They’ve earned it!
  • Spectate or volunteer at a race. I think there are few things more fun than spectating. I love it SO much!
  • Do the things you were too nervous to do during training (i.e., go ice skating, scramble rock climbing, etc.).
  • Do all those things you said you’d do “after the marathon.” For me, that’s a pretty long list and so, it’s time to start tackling it!

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