Athleta-Spr09d2-cover I’m a confessed shopaholic. I
also love receiving mail – the actual, tactile, page-turning, envelope-tearing,
surprise-bearing variety. So whenever I receive a new Athleta catalog I
immediately get a little spring in my step. But the latest edition, which
arrived last week, set my fitness fashionista heart a-flutter more than ever

The cover image – both the
model and the apparel – leapt out at me with its vibrant, beautiful strength. If
the catalog’s intention was to inspire me to get out and run, it succeeded. If
its intent was to fire up my credit card – success again!

After all, what woman
doesn’t want to look good while working hard to feel good? It’s a bit like the chicken
and the egg conundrum. Will exercise make you look and feel like the cover model,
or will the right gear – gear with both highly evolved technical aspects as
well as styling that satiates your inner diva – enhance the experience, thus
motivating you to train harder? I suspect it’s a little of both.

That’s not to say you can’t
run in the same old gear you’ve been schlepping around since the 80’s. But if
you have the wherewithal, don’t you deserve a reward for all your hard work –
or an inspiration for all the miles you’re sure to log, once properly outfitted?

You don’t have to wait to
receive your own catalog; simply visit Athleta
and see for yourself
what my fuss is all about. Happy Shopping!