Here’s What To Do If Your Feet Stink After A Run

Are your feet smelly after you hit the roads? Our resident coach shares why and what you can do about it to stop the stench.


NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!


Q: My feet always stink after I run. How can I calm down this stench?

The culprit probably isn’t your feet—but your shoes. Try these home remedies to banish the odor:

  • Keep fresh dryer sheets in your shoes between wears.
  • If your shoes are sweaty or wet post-run, stuff them with newspapers to dry them out.
  • Store your shoes in a place where they can air out.
  • Whatever you do, never clean your shoes in the washing machine. This will break down the cushioning and structure and “age” the shoe. And who likes pre-mature aging? No one—not even running shoes.

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