A new study from the Center for Creative Leadership found that CEOs and other executives who exercised regularly were rated significantly better leaders by their bosses, peers and reports than those who didn’t exercise frequently. The Center theorizes that exercise helps managers cope with stress and makes them more efficient.

I, for one, use exercise as my daily stress relief, and I’m a big proponent of long runs after tough days at the office. I can problem-solve, work out my frustrations and come up with solutions, and then enjoy my evening without stewing over a day’s events. I return to the office the next day with fresh perspective, improving my ability to work with those around me.

But this study has made me stroll down a memory lane of sorts, making a list of bosses I admired and cross-referencing it with their exercise habits. The results are interesting, to say the least.

What do you think? Is it possible to improve your leadership skills simply by going for a run?

—Kristin Harrison