Editor’s Corner: Tribute Time

In which a Women's Running reader becomes a cover model and a blog post morphs into verse. . .

It’s my favorite time of the month—new issue week!

Women’s Running’s November/December issue hits newsstands next Tuesday—and it’s already arrived in thousands of mailboxes across the country.

This particular issue is extra-special because it features the winner of our SKECHERS Cover Model Contest, Dorothy Beal. (Check out the new cover HERE).

I had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy when she came to New York for our cover photo shoot, and was blown away by her warmth, positivity and energy. Dorothy was not born a runner, but at a time in her life when she found herself on a downward spiral, she started running to find her strength. A decade later, she’s emerged a 20-time marathon finisher, a mom of three and a powerful athlete.

As you can see from the photo we took (that’s me, Dorothy and Melissa, our art director), we love our new cover model. And more importantly, we love all of our readers (you!) who serve as incredible inspiration to us and your communities. To cap off this love fest, I decided to write a little sonnet. It’s cheesy, but it comes from the heart. . .


Women’s Running’s for women who run,

Every sister, mom, daughter, teammate and friend.

Our readers know half marathons are fun,

And that all bad runs turn happy by the end.

What better way to honor all of you,

Than to showcase a real runner on our mag?

After many, many entries and votes too,

Dorothy Beal had the big win in the bag.

She is a marathon-ing superstar,

Can push a (triple!) stroller all day long.

Dorothy’s mantra is “dream big, run far,”*

And she’s living proof big dreams do come along.

We hope this cover shows for all to see:

Every single runner is star-worthy!


What do you think of our new cover? Let me know here or tweet me @JessieSebor!


*Correction: Dream big, run long.