Editor’s Corner: Getting Marathon Ready!

What’s more exciting than making it official? Think: We’re getting married! or I’m buying a house!  Big announcements are thrilling, but on the flip side, they come served with a side of self doubt: Do I want to be with him forever? Can I really afford that place?

My announcement may not be extraordinarily life-changing, but I’m happy/anxious to say that I just registered for a marathon.

Cleveland, here I come!!

I know that many of you eat marathons for breakfast, but for me, they’re a big deal and a heady proposition. I’ve run a handful of 26.2 milers before, but after injuring my knee a year ago, I’ve struggled to get my mileage and fitness back to where they need to be to commence training for a major race. But since I’m now feeling healthy and strong, I’ve started to dip my toes into marathon training and the water feels just fine.

Not too bad!

. . .well, sort of. In my few short weeks of marathon training, I’ve started to remember some baggage that comes with the journey. Here are just a few parts of training I think I’ll file under love/ hate:

Foam Rolling. Every. Single. Night. And if I don’t, things hurt.

I never look this happy when I foam roll. 🙂

Things hurt anyway.

Long runs are long, and hard (and sometimes boring). Pandora helps. Friends are better.

Long Runs

I am thirsty. All the time.

You know it's bad when your wine glass is full of water.

Running becomes even higher on the priority list than normal. Trumps things like “being presentable.”

My hand at work today. (Remembering goal workout paces > Hygiene)

Are you training for something now? Hit me up on twitter @jessiesebor to let me know how your training is going and to follow my marathon progress as well! 🙂