Eat Pray Run DC: Running Local

Courtney shares why she wants to become more involved in her running community.


This year, I’ve made a pledge to become more involved in my local running community. I have a lot of running buddies in the DC area, but I don’t really feel “involved.” This is the year I change that! I have joined the DC Road Runners, a local running club here in DC (duh, right?). I wanted to run more local races, and meet more area runners for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s cheaper to run locally. There are no hotel, driving or flying costs, and I don’t have to worry about someone watching our dog while my husband and I travel. The cost of the races are also so much cheaper. For example, DC Road Runners offers a great deal to their members; you can race in their low key races (no medal or swag) for free. Yeah. I’ll take that! It’s just easy to run and race locally.

The other reason I like the idea of getting more involved is that you can simply never have too many running buddies. I love the running community and am always looking to grow my list of running friends. Joining DC Road Runners is a way to do that.

Finally, running locally tends to mean running smaller races. I am fine with huge races but I’m finding that my sweet spot is races in the 1000 or less participant range. There is just something to be said for smaller, local races where you see familiar faces. I have run two DC Road Runner races this year so far, and both were small enough where I would recognize a number of the racers if I were to see them out in public. I think that’s super cool. I’m also going to be volunteering at a local race next month and I’m very much looking forward to that. I’m so grateful for everyone who gives of their time. It’s my turn to pay it forward. I have never volunteered at a race, so I’m so interested to see things from the other side. I know how much work goes into putting on great races but I’ve never gotten to see it from the insider’s view.

I’m excited about becoming more involved in the Washington DC running community and would love to hear how involved YOU are in your local running community. Do you run local?