3 Tips To Make Time For Running When You’re Busy

If you feel overwhelmed due to a busy schedule and commitments, here are some ways to make sure you still have time for a run.


When you feel like there are a million and one things to do, somehow running can get pushed to the back burner. However I’m determined not to let my hard work go to waste, especially since I have a big race coming up next weekend.

If you are like me and struggling with making the time to run, here are a few tips:

Schedule your workouts.

Yes, I mean actually put them on your calendar, in your phone, or wherever you keep your schedule. Scheduling means that you are committing and making room in your day for your fitness. I am somewhat of a slave to my calendar, but I very rarely miss things that are scheduled. This works especially well if you block out the time on a shared work or family calendar. When you are respecting your time, others will too!

Phone a friend.

I’ve written before on why running buddies rock. They also are amazing because once you have made a plan with someone else, you are way less likely to skip it. No one likes letting a friend down. Even if you are not running with this friend, I find that stating to the world that you are running 6 miles tomorrow is serious motivation to actually run those miles. I’m not embarrassed that there have definitely been times when I’ve wanted to bail on a run but thought “ugh, I really don’t want to have to blog about how I ditched my 14 mile run at mile 3 because I couldn’t hack it.” As lame as it may be, the motivation and commitment that goes into letting someone else know that I’ve done what I said I was going to do can be very powerful.

Get it done early!

If I wait until after work to run, it just won’t happen. Things happen, and, for me at least, my days just seem to get busier and busier as they go on. Waking up with or before the sun and getting out to run is the only surefire way it will happen. Some people do better running in the evening, and to those folks, I tip my hat. I just can’t do it. I have to wake up, throw on my running clothes, and head outside before my brain really understands what I’m doing.