Eat Pray Run DC: Dipping My Foot In The Water

Courtney is jumping all in this year and training for her first triathlon!

2015-02-12 09.03.05 HDR

This year, I’ve decided that I want to cheat on running in a big way. I have a goal to tackle my first sprint triathlon (or duathlon— I’m not that picky). I haven’t decided on a race yet but I know that I’d like to do this sometime in the early summer before heavy marathon training begins. It’s almost laughable because I don’t have a bike, don’t swim regularly (and by not regularly, I mean I swim when I go to the pool/beach in the summer) and have no idea how this will work. But my triathlon loving friends seem to think I can do it. I kind of think I can do it.

I decided to try a tri because I really only have one goal race this year— my fall marathon. However, since I signed up, I’ve convinced a friend to run the same race as her first full. My goals for that race have changed to supporting my friend through her first marathon. In light of that, I really want to focus on making this triathlon happen! I think it will be great to have some forced variety in my workouts.

I have no idea how to train for a triathlon so I’m also pretty excited about the opportunity to try something totally new. Since I have no plans to compete in an ultramarathon anytime soon, there is not a whole lot that is completely new to me about running. There are certainly exceptions to that. My cadence training and my focus on form is certainly new. But in general, I know what to expect through a training season. Training for a triathlon is completely different. I will have personal distance records to set again. That is really exciting for me!

I’m really curious to see how training for a new sport changes or affects my relationship with running. My friends who run and do tris are by and large fantastic runners. I can only hope that the cross training will make me a stronger runner and a stronger athlete in general. I will share more about my journey to my first triathlon in future posts.

Do you have any tips for a tri newbie?? Any race recommendations (East Coast, please!)? Tweet @eatprayrundc with your tips!