16 Do’s And Don’ts Of Traveling To A Race

When it comes to traveling to a race in a different city or out-of-state (or even the country!), here are the rules to follow.

traveling to race

While traveling to a race is extremely exciting, it can also be very nerve-wracking. For months before the race you’ve spent your time perfecting your routine of eating, getting dressed and warming up before your long runs. You’ve figured out exactly what to eat the night before the race. You’ve rehearsed everything you need to do during the race in training.

Unfortunately, the one thing you can’t practice is doing all of these things when you are away from home. When traveling for a race, this may mean doing these things in a hotel where you often don’t have a kitchen and are only equipped with a tiny coffee machine and mini-fridge.

However, If you follow this list of do’s and don’ts of traveling to a race, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Do’s Of Traveling

Pack your running shoes in your carry-on luggage.
Wear compression socks.
Bring travel-friendly snacks (think trail mix, nutrition bars and fruit).
Stick to your regular eating habits as much as possible.
Pack any food you may need to eat before the race if it is not easy to find.
Make dinner reservations in advance if it’s a big race—remember, most runners will want pasta!
Make—and follow!—a packing checklist.
Foam roll and stretch before you leave for the airport and again when you check into the hotel.
Bring your own pillow if you aren’t a good sleeper.

Don’ts Of Traveling

Sit still for a long time period while in flight or waiting for your flight.
Eat anything out of the ordinary.
Wing it when it comes to food, transportation or getting to the expo to pick up your bib.
Wait until the last minute to make a hotel reservation.
Panic if you forget something—most likely you can find what you need at the expo or a nearby store.
Skip your pre-race rituals just because you are in a new environment.
Spend too much time exploring the destination on your feet before the race.

Need a packing list for your next race? I’ve got one for you here!