Cues to Improve Your Run and Yoga Posture

Strategic, specific core training is the path to improving your form, alleviating pain, bolstering training durability, and finding seconds on the clock.

Core training will improve the neuromuscular recruitment of the right muscles at the right time, but it’s not going to magically transform your alignment and technique while training. Let’s explore cues for your run posture to ensure the gains you are making in recruitment are showing up in the quality of your position and form while training and racing.

On the flip side, cueing better posture alone won’t magically transform your form. To optimize muscle recruitment and gain the postural endurance needed to maintain your most effective posture, you’ll need to develop your core. Your core is not just your 6-pack, but a system of muscles that control precision movement of each segment in your spine.

I’ve developed this system and used it successfully with countless athletes to alleviate pain, bolster training durability, find seconds on the clock, and improve form. Your sport is dynamic. It’s time we start training your core that way.

The Phase 1 Deep Core Series is formulated to ensure you are focusing on the right muscle recruitment pattern. You’ll  do these exercises for 8–10 sessions to establish a strong baseline in terms of muscle recruitment and stability. After you’ve built some new muscle memory, we’ll alternate between Phase 2 Core Rotation Series and Phase 3 Advanced Integrated Series workouts to deliver the type of core stability that you need to bring to every workout and race to ensure your spine is up to the challenge.

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