This Thing Lets You Cross-Train While At Work

Standing or treadmill desks aren't the only new, hot commodity around the cubicles.


It looks like researchers have a definitive answer on how long Americans should sit and stand during the day. The Chicago Tribune reports the British Journal of Sports Medicine has determined four hours of sitting and four hours of standing and moving are the perfect balance. Good news: now, even while you are sitting, you can still keep your legs moving thanks to DeskCycle.

The DeskCycle is the only exercise bike built for use specifically at a desk and comes with multiple levels of resistance. Additionally, it sits only 10 inches off the ground, making the pedal height compatible with most desks.

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When you receive the DeskCycle and unpackage it, you will find everything you need to put the cycle together, including tools. The process is simple, just requiring you to put the cycle on the stand and connect the pedals (less than 30 minutes to assemble). You then just attach the optional LCD display and start pedalling.

In order to ensure you are using the DeskCycle properly, there is a helpful guide that gives you the do’s and don’t’s. Like any fitness program, you need to start using the DeskCycle gradually and train yourself at a low resistance. To move up to the proper resistance, they advise: “Pedal at least 15 minutes at the minimum resistance. Increase the tension to level 2 and practice for at least another 15 minutes. Continue this until you are at the resistance you want to be at.”

Most people will be between 1 and 4 in resistance level. With practice, working while pedaling—just as working while walking does—will become second nature.

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If you can’t afford a standing desk or treadmill desk, the DeskCycle comes in at an affordable $200, making it a great option for those who are looking for exercise equipment to use at their desks.

The DeskCycle won’t serve as a replacement for the gym, but it will help keep you moving while sitting at your desk. Consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine, or if you feel weak or dizzy while cycling at your desk.