The Best Cross-Training For Runners

Our readers share their recs for the activities that keep them fit.

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We know—you love running and given your busy schedule, it’s tough to fit in other workouts. But cross-training is essential to becoming a stronger and faster runner. Since the new year is a great time to try new things, we decided to ask our readers what their favorite cross training activity is. Give one of their suggestions a try.

We asked: If we wanted to try one new cross-training activity, what should it be?

Ernestine King-Johnson: Some type of Total Body High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) Example: Good Mornings/30 sec Jump Squats, Deadlifts/30 sec Jump Squats/Bicep Curls/30 sec Jump Squats. All x4. Builds power, strengthens ham/glute tie-in.

Betty Jannisse Rivera: The XCO or Flexi-bars workouts are the best. You work all your body and the most important thing is that you enjoy everything.

Mallory Bergeson: I love kickboxing! It is so much fun that you don’t even realize you are working out and dripping with sweat.

Sophie Auclair: I do tabata twice a week (planks, burpees, etc) and cross country skiing.

Mandi Forrester: Weights. Strong body, strong mind. A strong back and core will make a huge difference running

Karen Arner Paules: Title Boxing!!! It makes me so much faster!!!

Lynetta Martin: TRX & Kettlebell swings – stability, balance & strength!

Mary Lou Spaull: Cross-country skiing in winter, biking and showing my horse in the summer.

Rachel Amanda: TRX changed my view of fitness.

Andrea Derksen Farrer: Hang Yoga! Amazing core workout…entire body workout actually! And FUN!

Kaitlin Dolan: Pure barre 7x a week

Belinda Lat-Egan: Surfset!