5 Speed Workouts You Don’t Need A Track For

You don't need access to the oval in order to get faster this summer.

Runners are busy and don’t always have time to drive to the oval and run in circles. Here are five workouts for speed you can do anywhere, including hilly terrain:


Warm up to moderate pace for up to 20 minutes

5 minutes at half marathon pace

3 minutes at 10K pace

1 minute at 5K pace

1 minute easy

Repeat three times

Cool down 10 minutes


Warm up for 10-15 minutes

2x [30 seconds at 2% incline or moderate hill, 30 seconds easy]

2x [30 seconds at 4% incline or slightly steeper hill, 30 seconds easy]

2x [30 seconds at 0% or flat road, 30 seconds easy]

Repeat six times, keeping speed as even as possible though the hills

Cool down 5 minutes

*You can use a treadmill for incline reference here as an option


Warm up for 10-15 minutes

3 minutes fast or “on”, 1 minute easy or “off”

2 minutes fast, 1 minute easy

1 minute fast, 30 seconds easy

Repeat 5 times

Cool down 5-10 minutes


Plan pickups in your long run with 1 minute hard efforts during each of your last 5 miles. This will teach your legs to run fast while fatigued. Be sure to focus on your form and keep it when you pick up the pace!


Warm up easy with a 10 minute jog

3 x 5 minutes at 10K pace with easy 2-minute jog or walk in between

Cool down 5 minutes and stretch