This Mom And Baby Workout Will Get You Back In Shape After Pregnancy

New moms can try this post-pregnancy workout with their babies once their doctor gives them the all-clear to return to regular exercise.

So you recently had a baby and you’ve been cleared to exercise again. Yay!

But you can’t just jump into an intense workout schedule right away. Your body’s been through a lot over the past year or so, and you may quickly realize you’ve gotten a bit soft, weak and easily winded. That’s not an insult–it’s just what the marathon of crazy hormones, sleep deprivation and general experience of growing a life within your body will do to you (not to mention the exhausting baby stage you’re going through right now).

It’s time to get back to feeling healthy and active again, but unless you have an always-at-the-ready babysitter handy, it’s going to be hard to make it to the gym or go out for runs on the regular. Don’t worry–you can get started strong on your postpartum fitness journey with this workout video you can do at home with your baby.

Follow along with effective bodyweight moves to build strength, boost metabolism and tone your whole body. Start by doing it three times per week and you’ll be feeling fit and strong in no time (and your little one will enjoy it, too)!

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Trainer LJ is on a mission to create fit mommas! She is a certified personal trainer, wife, mom of three and creator of the Baby Boot Camp fitness program. A few of her favorite things include running, getting stuck in yoga poses and hiding to eat all the chocolate.


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