3 Pelvic Floor Exercises For Postpartum Runners

Strengthen your core and avoid any leakage by doing these key moves that will help you get your pre-baby body back in shape.

You’ve heard that a key for postpartum runners to get back core strength and eliminate the chance for any—ahem—leakage is to work those pelvic floor muscles. Here are the three key moves you should add to your routine as you recover from giving birth.

Bridge (With An Optional Leg Lift)

Bridge 1

Put your feet shoulder width apart on the floor, relax your shoulders and your neck Raise your hips, squeezing from your core and lower back to the ground.

Bridge 2

Think about closing your rib cage and pull your belly button down to your spine Add an optional leg lift by straightening one leg out, pointing your toe, then bring it in toward your chest

Bridge 3

Dead Bugs

Dead Bugs 1

Lift your neck off the ground and straighten one leg and the opposite arm, then switch.


Scorpion 1

Come on to your elbow and raise your leg parallel to the ground Swing your leg back and forth, pulling in your core muscles, squeezing your glutes and engaging your pelvic muscles. Keep your foot flexed.

Scorpion 2

To add a little difficulty, add a short hold when you swing your leg back.