Get A Full-Body Burn With This “Filthy” Workout Video

Feel the burn throughout your body with this workout routine set to Justin Timberlake's new hit "Filthy."

Time To Get “Filthy”

Whether you love or hate Justin Timberlake’s unconventional new song “Filthy,” you have to admit it has a motivating beat. In the wake of the song’s release, I created this Fit Body Beats workout synced to it!

This workout video offers a crazy combination of cardio, HIIT and strength training. You’ll feel the burn in your entire body with the built-in plank variations and squat sequences.

Do two to three rounds (whatever you can handle!), or try combining it with some other Fit Body Beats routines for a full workout.

Routine courtesy of Trainer LJ of Fit Mix Mom. Try more Fit Body Beats routines here!


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