Stir-Crazy Challenge with Alysia Montaño: Cardio At Home Workout

This fast-moving circuit will build aerobic capacity, translating to faster, more efficient runs, improved cardio health, and easier climbs up stairs.

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This Stir-Crazy workout challenge is all about enjoying movement no matter what is keeping you cooped up. Every workout is designed to support your running success, focusing on run-specific movements and drills, high-rep endurance exercises, and mobility work. (You’ll find the rest of the workouts at the bottom of the article.)

This specific total-body cardio at home workout is all about getting the heart-pumping feeling of a run, without having to leave your house. It’s a fast-moving circuit that will help build aerobic capacity, translating to faster, more efficient runs, improved cardio health, and easier climbs up stairs.

Total-Body Cardio at Home Circuit

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with as little rest as possible between moves. Rest for 1 minute between rounds if performing them back-to-back. Crush a total of 3 to 4 rounds throughout the day.

Push-Up Side Knee Hikes

Push up side knee hikes
Photo: Jeff Clark

Get into a high-plank position and lower your body into a push-up. Pump your knee up to your elbow, then switch knees before pushing back up to a high plank. Keep the sequence going.

Single-Leg Jump Rope

Alysia Montano demonstrating single leg jump rope
Photo: Jeff Clark

Standing on one leg and keeping a slight bend in your knee, drive through the ball of your foot to bounce up and down. Switch legs.

Side Lunge to Knee Drive

Side lunge to knee drive
Photo: Jeff Clark

Step out to one side into a squat; then push up into a sprinter position, knee high. Work both sides.

High-Knee Wall Hike

Alysia Montano demonstrating a high knee wall hike
Photo: Jeff Clark

From a staggered stance swing your back leg forward to touch down on the wall as close to hip-height as possible. Swing back to reload, pumping your arms in opposition with your legs. Work both sides.

Jack Squat

Jack squat
Photo: Jeff Clark

Start from a squat, arms tucked; then pop up and out into the jack position, legs and arms out. Spring from squat to jack and back without pausing.


Alysia Montano in the starting position of a step up
Photo: Jeff Clark

Step one foot onto the bench. Push through that leg to bring your back leg up and drive your knee toward your chest. Pump your arms opposite your legs. Lower back down with control. Work both sides.


Day 2: Total-Body Muscle Endurance

Days 3 & 7: Flexibility + Mobility

Days 4 & 6: Plyometric Running Drills

Day 5: Core Strength

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Republished from Feel Good Fitness: Fun Workout Challenges to Inspire Your Fitness Streak by Alysia Montaño with permission of VeloPress.