A Coach Says This Is The Best Cross Training For Runners

Which cross training should runners be doing? Our resident coach shares the one activity she thinks that runners should try.

cross training

“If you were to recommend one cross training activity for runners, what would it be? Yoga, pilates or lifting weights?” — Dana

Supplementing running with cross training is one of the most valuable (and fun!) parts of training. Cycling, yoga, Pilates, rowing, elliptical, swimming—there are so many activities to choose from. If I had to pick one, it would be strength training. Lifting weights or performing body-weight exercises, like squats and lunges, promotes bone health, prevents injury and builds speed and endurance.

But really, the most valuable aspect of cross training is that it mixes up your routine and keeps your mind and legs fresh. For that reason, the best cross training activity for you is the one you like the best. And don’t be afraid to try something different. Who knows, maybe you have amazing yoga skills or rock climbing talents that have yet to be discovered.

About the Coach: Coach Hillary Kigar knows a thing or two about running fast and feeling strong. And lucky for us, the former NCAA athlete turned high school coach has an answer for everything!