5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Cross-Training Workouts

Get a quick workout in thanks to these trainers.

It is so easy to get stuck in a routine and forget that in order to see progress, you’ve got to switch things up every now and then. If you’re training for a race using a specific plan you don’t have much flexibility when it comes to your mileage. However, you can absolutely switch up your cross-training workouts for a power boost.

We rounded up five Instagram accounts that have plenty of options for runners looking for some new cross-training moves. Just follow along with the video and get to work!

Lacey Stone, @laceystonefitness

The workout above kind of says it all! Trainer Lacey Stone—fans of Revenge Body on E! may recognize her—offers up a ton of free workouts on her Instagram account. You’ll find all kinds of moves, including yoga, and as she suggests, you can challenge your friends by tagging them.

Lauren Urban, @trainlauren

This recently trainer based in Santa Barbara offers workouts and tips on her Instagram—including important notes about form when following along with her workouts. She offers some body confidence talk in there, too, and some great tips on going easy on yourself when adopting a healthy lifestyle (it’s key!). Lauren shows that even trainers have days where they are tired and not feeling their bodies and that we are all in this together.

Kaisa Keranen, @kaisafit

Kaisa will help you learn about some workouts you may not be familiar with—including her Tabata workout above—and help you stay active in new ways. Also, you’ll get a dose of body positivity from the trainer who has an M.S. in Exercise Science, including tips to focus on how you feel after a workout or eating well, not just the results you see.

Alexia Clark, @alexia_clark

This trainer has over 2,000 posts on her Instagram, the majority of which are cross-training videos! You’ll find some majory inspiration—”Everything you need – courage, strength, happiness, determination and love : is already within you,” she said in a recent post—and take that message into every workout.

Carly Newson, @carlynewson

The great thing about Carly’s workouts is you can do them all at home! Using your sofa for an abs workout? Genius! She is also a mom and gives great tips on how to fit in quick workouts throughout your day during naptime or even during commercials when catching up on your favorite shows.