3 Core Exercises That Actually Target Your Glute Muscles

Runners know that strong glutes are important—but do you know why? Learn about the two glute muscles and how to keep them strong.

Most likely you’ve heard you need to strengthen your glutes to avoid injury and to become a stronger runner—but do you know why strong glutes are so important?

There are two glute muscles play a critical role in running: The gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. Without these muscles activating properly running form is compromised. And if either of these muscles aren’t doing their job because they aren’t firing properly or are weak, other muscles must take on the work load of the glutes. As you can imagine this creates an unfair situation and will likely lead to injury. Hamstring injuries are quite often related to glute weakness.

To avoid injury and to utilize the glutes more, runners must strengthen their glute muscles and stretch their hip flexors. Tight hip flexors limit hip extension and can prevent the glutes from firing.

Here are three exercises to include in your core workouts that target these muscles and will help keep firing!

Straight Leg Clamshell

Bent Knee Single Leg Deadlifts

Single Leg Bridges