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Blogger On The Run: nHerShoes

Check out Bobbi from nHerShoes and learn how this track-loving speedy chick maintains a healthy lifestyle while managing a hectic schedule!

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Ever feel like the world around you is moving at the speed of light? This week’s Women’s Running magazine Blogger On The Run can relate. Meet Boobie from nHerShoes! This inspiring runner finds time to juggle a hectic schedule while fitting in time to workout, read, laugh, and smile each day. Find out how this track-loving speedy chic does it all:

WR: How would you describe yourself? 

B: I am one busy women, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a crazy busy world. I wear several different hats every day as a wife, cook, runner, retreat coordinator (day job), blogger, small business owner, personal trainer, and kickboxing instructor! Every day is a new beginning! I haven’t always been healthy and I know that it’s a journey and everyone has a story to tell. I need to workout, read, laugh, hug and smile at least once a day. I look forward to the unknown part of my life to come and feel blessed for everyday that has past.

WR: How did you begin running?

B: In college I was in a size 12 and still fighting to get down to 150 pounds (which I thought was fine for my frame). I finally decided to bust out the old running shoes and start running again, because I had really been running since I was in 6th grade. My parents put me in a running club when I was 12 and I did cross-country in high school.  I took it easy and got back in to running shape… well, at least I could do a good three miles without dying. I then got inspired and motivated. I loved the way I felt when I ran. I was born to run! I have and will always love it. I knew that I was going down a path to freedom.

My senior year of college I decided to do my first marathon, The St. Jude Marathon. I started training with a friend who had to drop out, so I finished the training on my own. I didn’t have any kind of plan. I just ran when I could and did long runs on the weekends. I had no idea that I should be taking energy gels or doing interval training and yoga was out of the question. I still ate OK, but not great. I ran that marathon the best I could and hated it. I remember hitting 18 miles and wanting to run off that road and go home! I ran the whole thing and got a 4:20 and was proud of myself. I never thought I could do any better.

Then I got married in 2007 and decided I wanted to do the Boston Marathon! At my second marathon ever, the St. George Marathon, I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a finish time of 3:21!! After St. George, I ran marathon after marathon and that’s when I started calling myself a runner.

WR: What keeps you running and training?

B: There are so many things that keep my running, but I would say the top two things are my friends and the way running makes me feel. I love that running has so many ways of bringing people together and gives you an instant connection! I also love feeling great after a long run or even a short track workout.

WR: What type of run is your favorite?

B: I love track workouts! At one time, I dreaded them. During my training for the Boston Marathon (twice!) my love affair with the track began. I love the competition I create with myself when I am doing a track workout, no matter the distance. I always want to push harder and finish stronger the next time. It’s honestly quite the high.

WR: What’s your favorite race memory?

B: Boston for sure. At Mile 21, I hit the wall. I was starting to cramp up and became so discouraged when everyone was speeding by me. I told myself this is the FLIPPIN’ BOSTON MARATHON, you have trained for months (for years!)! I told myself, “This is your race!” It was becoming a mental game – yes my body hurt, but I could push through the pain and then something AMAZING happened. I saw my hubby POP OUT of the crowd and start running with me. He wanted to give me another bottle of Heed, and I asked him to run with me for a bit – I needed HIM! This seriously was the best part of the race for me! Hubby was telling me “Good job babe – you see all these people they are cheering for you!” He stayed right by me and kept encouraging me. I can’t believe I got to run 3 miles of the Boston Marathon with my AMAZING, KIND, ENCOURAGING Husband!!!! He was the reason I made it to the finish line. He left me at mile 25 and said, “Finish strong BABE!” To me, that was one of the best memories I will ever have in a race.

WR: How do you reward yourself for accomplishing your training/running goals?

B:  Usually I try and go to a place where I have never been before for marathons. Traveling all over the country is a reward in itself. I always like to buy something from the expo to remind myself of the amazing race.

WR: Best running advice you’ve received or given?

B:  I have given and have received this advice: You don’t want to run for just a race, you want to run for a lifetime! People need to listen to their bodies and if they feel an injury coming on, or they are injured, they need to recover and not run through it!

Want to read more? Head over to nHerShoes!

Bobbi’s husband gave her the strength to finish the Boston Marathon – how has a family member or friend helped you finish a race strong?


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