The Best HIIT Workout Moves In 1 Minute

In less than one minute, learn your best moves to make the perfect 10-minute workout.

Here’s a sped up, quick glimpse of a great HIIT workout for you that will help you burn fat and be grateful for water after you’re done! Five moves for a total of five sets—here’s how it goes:

1) Traveling Crisscross squats
2) Star Jacks
3) High Knees
4) Alternating Side Kicks
5) Mountain Climbers

Each exercise is 15-20 seconds long, and at the end of every set, rest, then start again until you’ve completed five sets. This is a quick 10 minutes or less workout!

Want more from Heather Wilson-Phillips? Check out her YouTube channel for other exercises to try out. Wilson-Phillips is a TV host and producer; a fitness and lifestyle coach; and owner at The Fitness Empire & Fierce N’ Fit Workouts