Trail Races Perfect For Beginners

These races are perfect for those who are new to the trails.


Race day often leaves runners full of nerves, so when it is a new type of race there is an added intimidation factor. If you are new to trail running, these races are the perfect choice. They offer beginner-friendly distances while still giving you out-of-this-world views and trails, to help you only fall in love with the sport even more.


Hell of the Northwest 10K
Nov. 14; Monroe, OR

Little Mulberry Park 5K or 10K Trail Run
Nov. 14; Dacula, GA

Topanga Turkey Trot 5K, 10K and 15K
Nov. 26; Topanga, CA

Indian Island Trail 5K & 15K
Dec. 5; Riverhead, NY


Trails of Hope at Miller Springs 5K & 10K
September; Temple, TX

Howlin’ Coyote 10K Trail Run
October; King George, VA

Sticks & Stones 15K Trail Run
October; Clifftop, WV

Happy Girls Run 15K
October; Sisters, OR

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