How Can I As A New Runner Make Running More Fun?

Coach Hillary Kigar has tips on how new runners can make running fun.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–including tips for how runners new to the sport can make running fun.

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I really want to like running, but it’s so…boring! How do people make it more fun?

Good company and music make everything better, and running is no exception! In most cities big and small, there are regular running groups that meet for after-work runs. Stop by your local running store and ask what’s on the calendar, as these stores often host a group run or two each week. While at the group run, spend some time meeting others and try to find similar-paced runners who are interested in meeting outside of the group for a run. It’s so much more motivating and fun if you’re keeping a “running appointment” and meeting up with someone (rather than going on your own every day). On the days when you do run solo, spend some time preparing a rocking playlist. If you use Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora, search “workout” to find playlists that keep an upbeat tempo. From country beats to hardcore rap, there are perfect lists of songs already made for you, no matter what your style.


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