Ask The Coach: Do I Need A Training Plan?

How important is it to stick with a half marathon training plan if you've raced one before? Coach Hillary Kigar has answers.

Setting Goals Always Helps

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has answers for all things training–including tips for experienced runners familiar with the ins and outs of racing.

I’ve run a bunch of half marathons. Do I still need to follow a training plan?

No matter if an athlete is new to running half marathons or a seasoned veteran like you, before you toe the line to race, I always recommend setting a goal. That might be performance-based, like hitting a certain time or working on your pacing. Or it could be personal: to have fun and enjoy the scenery or to run with a friend and support each other. No matter your objective, a plan to achieve it will make the time on your feet more meaningful. Let the goal dictate how targeted your training needs to be. No matter what, you are another race wiser and stronger just by finishing!


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