Beauty Products Tester Approved

Purifying Night Balm PRESS We get a lot of products in our office to test, and most of them get tried by our staff and tossed when they don’t hold up to our high standards. If we don’t love it, we certainly won’t recommend it to readers. But recently, we received samples of a new line of all-natural beauty products recommended by beauty writer and Women’s Running contributor Sally Farhat Kassab, and the staff came back raving—and wanting more. The find? Willamina Modern Apothecary Starter Kits with a serum for use during the day and a balm to be applied before bed. The included Dark Circles Be Gone also earned high praise. The three-product kits are tailored to different types of skin: Choose from Revitalizing, designed for women over 40, Calming for dry, irritated skin, or Purifying for skin prone to break-outs.