Coach Hillary Kigar offers tips on how runners can prevent the major soreness that comes with early strength training.

Recovering From Strength Training Soreness

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training. She even has tips on how to rebound from post-strength training soreness.

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Any time I try to do strength training, my muscles are so sore the next day I can barely run. I know strength is important, but how do I balance it with running?

It’s so easy to get inspired when doing strength training and want to test out every new exercise you see. Try to start out very small. Rather than having one or two big strength sessions each week, break them up into three or four mini workouts. Focus on different muscle groups with each session and then repeat those same exercises a week later. With consistency, your muscles will get stronger and you’ll find that you still have a little pep in your step when you head out for your run the next morning. Don’t forget to stretch and incorporate foam rolling into your routine as well to help your sore muscles recover!


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